Basic mechanism and mystery of life

    I am building a video sequence in my program that shows one of the crucial underlying mechanisms of life and is perhaps one of the very first chemical pre-cursors of organized cellular life. It will was to be released under:
"creativecommons 3.0/" license.

    If I resolve other issues, I will only be posting the video and explanation on my sourceforge antfarmgl page when the sequence is completed. I have solved the riddle of the chemical part and devised a method to generate that in an openGL sequence, which I can easily export to a video.

    My opinion is, this is a critical part of the understanding of how life exists and operates. It is simply an accident of doing the mechanics of simulated cellular function for my "atomic ants". I am surprised that this has never been realized and I suppose it is because it depends on a mechanism which must be present, however is virtually impossible to measure and thus view.

    Once you see the video simulation and description of the mechanics involved it will be obvious to anyone, even a person who has absolutely no physics, chemistry or biological background. This is a perfect example of what I have said, that it is not possible to relate some concepts without presenting them as 4 dimensional expressions in video or even interactive time sequences.

    Before I complete it, I am going to make an attempt to see if I can export my model sequence to blender as a "play" animate sequence. That may take a couple days and so it will not be ready until then. I also wanted to experiment with the method to see if there are some things that I can infer from this, as it relates to the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

    It is strange how ideas arise. I think that part of the reason I could see this solution is the fact that I was looking at army ants and how they bivouac to create a shelter for the queen and the fact that they have a connectivity that exceeds a carbon atom. They can connect 6 ways with 6 legs. I was also studying NURBS surfaces, vector analysis, chemical process representation, field theory and considering some new ideas that arose in epigenetic DNA.

    After some thought, I do believe this is the root origin of life and also the mechanism by which pre-RNA ( and pre-Amino Acid ) life was established. It is a surprising discovery to me and should yield many subsequent discoveries as to the operation of viruses and the basic mechanism of cellular life. It is a paradigm that I have sought for a long as I have studied the chemical mechanics of life. What defines the underlying process and transition in such a way that life is a natural consequence of what is considered non-life.

    There are certainly levels of life and this is only the mechanism that leads to all life. It is a method that would arise under common circumstances and proceed to life in many different environments. It was my opinion that this mechanism was below the level of RNA or even poly-amino acids. I think this is provable to be the root origin. I am going to critically evaluate it as I develop the presentation and description, however it does not have many degrees of freedom to fail and so I doubt I will find a flaw. It is inherent in a mechanism that 'forces' life that it must occur with precursor and be without limit in its expansion.

    ADDED: This explains many things and solves many problems of how life operates. Clearly it is pivotal to understanding and maintaining life. The awful part is what I never think about. How would it be misused by a state ( or criminal enterprise ) that has no moral restriction against the development and deployment of devices that destroy all sentient life? The answer is in Star Trek, perhaps, and the 'Genesis Device'. If it can force life, it can force a new life and as such is a device composed of a single chemical complex that could expand exponentially by base 2 to encompass an entire system.

    So what results from this is the Armageddon which certainly comes from the impulse to use force and destruction to rule others. I think there is no solution, those who seek power over others will not be restrained by the fact that it will destroy themselves, as well. It is inherent in the psychology of the wolf brain logic. They will fight to the death and the death of all. Tooth and Claw, how is that solved?

    ADDED MORE: So this initiates a serious dilemma and so I will study that logic, but it seems to me that the knowledge will eventually lead to the wolf to killing everything and the gain is then negated. It is the continuous problem of advancement. With great power, comes great danger. If the organism is willing to apply knowledge without observing consequence then it seems to follow that it is only a matter of time, as I have stated before. It seems to me that wolf must never be allowed to live or even born, if life is to be retained. It seems this is the old and ultimate question, do you become the wolf? I will have to ponder this and will likely not release this information, until I have a reasonable solution to the ethical dilemma.

    I only deal in reason and understanding and the idea of animal dominance as a practice is foreign to me. It is not that it does not exist in my nature, it is the fact that it is rejected immediately as a ridiculous process and leads to this exact problem. A purely instinctual driven entity has no mechanism to thwart their own biological intent. I cannot speak for others, however by observation, this seems to be the case that it is impossible for them to act in such a way that does not conform to simple self interest and the negation of all other life. This seems to be the root cause problem with humans in general, that they act like a virus and consume everything they touch until it is all dead, including themselves. Locusts.

    This does pose the problem that I was considering, which was to be played out in the science fiction about the 'Queen of The Holy Dark' "Chapter 1 'Into the Arm' ( The arrival of the queen in this arm of the galaxy )" as a creature born on the surface of a black hole that consumed all life in its path. It was so large that it was not even aware that people existed and planets were simply places to lay the eggs of the new queens. It consumed and did not reason, it only acted by its instinct to consume and use that to expand itself. It is certainly a timeless dilemma, but is now one that desperately needs an immediate solution.

    It is not necessary for me to kill others to live, and yet this is considered matter of course for many who love power.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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