Wikipedia export

I have decided on a new idea. I am making my own Linux::Apache::PHP::MySql::wikpedia locally again and then exporting it to use in antfarmgl. This makes it lots easier for me to establish a base for information. Much of the information is already in a wiki and my Zim wiki can be exported as HTML. I may have to do some link replacement with perl, c, or Python, but that is fairly straight forward and could also be done with sed/grep.

Quantum understanding is coming along, but I think the concepts are not complex enough. I doubt that is a complaint that most people would have about Physics and Math, but it is additional complexity that makes it all coherent. The symbol set seems to be a poorly thought out opportunistic piece meal approach and ,as such, has no unifying framework.

I can just zip my wiki export and sftp it to the site and unpack it there if I get the method down properly. I might just make my own exporter for the sake of having some diff and patch option for updating the wiki without removing any new material taht others contribute. Linux::Debian::KDE::komapre ( diff and patch GUI) is a very usable tool and I have not completely mastered it yet.

It also seems to me that instead of trying to teach a mathematical principle, I could offer a Python script that was a method and ways to apply it and view the operation. That seems a better way to transmit knowledge of how to use something. I suppose it would just be called an application, but an extensible application that could integrate new methods at the lowest level.

That is an interesting concept to have a program that communicates how to in a program method object and not just images or information.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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