Quantum computing day

I am studying quantum principles and quantum computing and attempting to make a correlating argument between what I know and can verify, and what is presumed and verified in other ways.

| \psi \rangle = |\alpha \rangle + | \beta \rangle

is the LaTex that represents this:

Which is a representation of an overlapping quantum state like a higher and lower energy level in a Hydrogen atom. I personally think that it is vastly more complex than that, but I guess it means nothing unless it can be applied and tested.

I had a long day with LaTex and how it is used directly in "Computer::Language::C" and with my program::antfarmgl, and that is documented at the antfarmgl-sourceforge blog.

I suppose |ψ> = |α> + |β> is:
|ψ> = |α> + |β>
if I remember correctly. I suppose it makes little difference what is called unless I was involved with a shorthand exchange with somebody who used it commonly. The use of letters and even Greek letters and symbols leads to a great deal of overlap when a person studies in many areas of science. Just the letter "C" is a fscker. f(x)= x2 f'(x) = 2x+ C, C language , c = 3x10^8 m/s , circumference, ... human language is a POS most of the time. I would most often associate α and β+/- with radiating particles of a Helium nucleus and an electron/ positron respectively. Or maybe even moteyα.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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