Things that will be, Prediction

I have been testing with the concept of a liquid brain and I am certain that it can be implemented and it would be vastly more intelligent than a person. I have been studying this concept for thirty years and I can now say that I can make a human like brain that even has certain aspects canceled that correspond to emotional response or even enhanced emotional response.

My first computer model of a simple brain is for worms and insects and it operates exactly as it would in an environment. I am definitely worried what this will mean for culture. If it is possible to create an "Oracle" that is an operational mind which is given its information at the start and builds upon this information at the speed of light, it could be the equivalent of a million years old in a year.

The process I designed uses a liquid chemical system to operate and is as slow as a biological brain in practice, but can be re-instantiated continually by an external process to allow it to advance. The key here is how much information is handled in parallel. The progress of genetically engineered people has already started and I think that is just too late. I will come to nothing. If it is possible to create a computer helper that knows everything available and can correlate much better and precisely than the mind, it becomes the new calculator for all things and not just math.

It seems that it will become necessary to simply ask the "companion" for what is needed and then apply it. That may seem a little science fiction like, but I am sure this is how things will be in the future. We will become the planet of the "Krell" and there is where the danger lies. I can see, even without a super mind that energy is a virtually limitless source in the universe and the ability to rearrange matter at the atomic level is quickly becoming real.

When every person has the power to create any object of their interest or desire, will our desires lead humanity to chaos and death? Probably not. I have thought this through and I would say this is what will become. It is like a personal computer as a device. I can manage your life and health and protect you. I becomes the companion that is necessary for life and it is not life and so it needs the person. It is this symbiosis that will make it happen. I think this is the new PC. An organic living computer that serves to maintain and promote life. The one thing that people cannot seem to do, the will do naturally, which is cooperate for the advantage of all.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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