Blog is changing

I have decided to restructure the blog so it simply has categories of things. I am going to sort the information and redo all the posts to make list of everything that relates to a specific subject and identify if anything is new in that category by last visit of the user. A user can specify what interests they have and any new information will show on the page when they enter.

The reason for this is that I have too many areas of interest and I would like to pass along information about new ideas in Python, Blender, Genetics, Physics, Biology and many different subjects and this means that it is necessary for people who follow the blog to wade through many things that do not relate to their interests. I am making a program that creates the front page for the blog and it takes all the previous information and sorts it to a list.

For this reason, the blog "feed" may not contain any new posts on a regular basis and it will be necessary to view the blog directly to take advantage of the new methods.

I have started the process and it seems that there is a lot to be learned there as it is possible to determine much about information on the web by what matrix it presents. Here is a run through of top 20 words in this post itself.

the:  13
to:   10
and:  10
blog: 6
that: 6
new:  5
of:   5
it:   5
information: 5
a:    5
i:    5
for:  4
many: 3
this: 3
is:   3
have: 3
all:  2
they: 2
not:  2
necessary: 2

I think that a lot could be done to qualify information on the web and I see many patterns here. The average length of words, the number of times first person is used, the focus of the information as an object, and style also. It is a very interesting topic and I will make an HTML visual selectable cloud for the entire blog that has links to each main category of interest. I think I will add color to indicate new information in a category and brightness to indicate relevance. I suppose it could even be animated or fluid, but I will make it work first and then make it pretty and entertaining.

You are in a room and there are doors to the east and west and there is a lamp here. You can type "go east" to move east and you can type "get lamp" or "use lamp". In the distance I see a strange structure that seems to flow about like a cloud.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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