A talk with the internet

Recent developments of a battery that is far more efficient in the way that it charges and discharges reminds me of an invention I made many years ago. It was a liquid computer that was a battery. I would guess that it will not be long now before they make the connection and see that a liquid battery can also be a liquid CAM computer. The advantages would be the fact it would be naturally RAD-hard as it would reform. Liquid computers would be a perfect match for computers in space.

On another association, it seems that from my understanding of the process, that life may not have originated in the way that it is assumed. My opinion is that life first originated before the planet formed. It still exists inside the Earth and that separate form is vastly different from our opinion of what constitutes an entity. In some ways it could have the same unique characteristic as human life, which is a continuous curiosity and constantly changing form.

The possibilities in the universe are so vast that it is likely we will never understand them all. Personally, I just enjoy the discovery and so I will never be bored or unhappy, as there will always be some new things to know, On the Way to Infinity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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