The project is alive! Ant Instantiation (AI)

I looked back and antfarmgl was started in August 2008. The link to the first real home page and point of entry for all things relating to the Atomic Manufacturing Ants is antfarmgl homepage. Things should proceed fairly quickly now as all the detail work is done. The first link that will show up there is to some screenshots and a couple ant games in Python, blender or "C". They will run on any machine as they will use GLUT, PyGame, and blender, ( which is already a cross platform application).

ADDED: Most of my effort is centered around documenting the startup of antfarmgl and all of the associated peripherals of the project which are svn, git, MySql, website, wiki, sourceforge page, bug lists, forum, source code, document control, and all the associated accounts and materials. The link at the web page of the project has current information and serves as a link to the project, and wiki. This blog will become much less used and most of the effort will be focused on the project blog and keeping the files up to date and tested.

Quite a bit of new methods are being tested including some PHP for the web, Python, perl modules, CGI, C, C++, CSS, HTML, XML, and XUL. I am doing the games and a blend file as tests to see how the packaging system works and if it can be integrated into the debian archives and also into the Ubuntu delivery chain in an easy way. A great deal of the effort is in documenting each step so that others can learn the pitfalls.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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