A new method computation

Revisiting Calculus, matrices, Fourier, and many other methods. The result is a new method I can use to define the structure of the universe and predict the actions in normal situations. The foundations of mathematics come from a time when many of the most useful tools did not exist. It is a great advantage to have computers and also the knowledge of how to program.

It seems that concepts that should be taught as computer methods, are taught as "pen and paper" or "personal visualization". I can imagine objects in three space with time easily. It is when the complexity exceeds the nature ability of the mind that it is nonsensical to ignore the advantage of using the computer as the extension of analysis.

I have watched dozens of lectures on math and it seems they lack a basic insight into the core of the concept. I often start from scratch and attempt to devise a new math methodology or logical method that fits better with the structure of what is measured in the universe. It has no purpose unless it has application. I am sure there are many math concepts that are metaphysically true or interesting, however I am concerned with the application of knowledge as well as its acquisition.

I am integrating this method into antfarmgl. I will have an interface API, like all libraries, that has a call structure and result structure. This way I can conceal the complexity and allow usability. It is not necessary to understand the underlying process to be able to apply a complex algorithm.

So today I am going to do some Python ( and SciPy ), blender, gimp, C, and OpenGL to determine the best way to control the methods and transmit or display the results. The idea of chalk board math is obsolete IMHO. This is in an age where I can blend a interactive time varying representation in real time and display it along with an explanation. I can also have that available for personal experimentation. I have seen many tutorials in blender and they convey points quickly and effectively, when made properly.

It seems that math, along with the other sciences, lacks from innovation. Perhaps this is a result of the centuries of considering it a closed process that derives from ( and benefits ) institutional learning. The greatest talent a person can have, is learning how to learn for themselves.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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