I love that clicking sound

When ideas finally click, it means the end of confusion and frustration, and new possibilities of application.

This click came from the new math methods and now I know for certain how a neutron decays and when and I can mathematically predict the process. It is all very simple once the complexities are resolved. That is always the case. I have studied many new languages and computer methods over the years and it always seems so complex and impossible to encompass at first, then when it resolves, it is smooth and just seems natural.

In order to resolve something which I felt was exceedingly complex, I needed to add more complexity. It is like what they say about XML,

"If it doesn't work, just add more XML."

<blockquote>I that it clicks    

This is one of the major hurdles I needed to jump to get to an easy perpetual energy source. The cost of energy is in how difficult it is to maintain. [ Using slow neutrons to disrupt an unstable nucleus ( that is only known to be such by experiment and not knowledge of its structure ) or extreme kinetics to push another specialized atom ( Deuterium D2 )together to gain the energy] , is a very poor way to generate energy. The knowledge of how to make a fire is not the understanding of chemical combustion.

On a separate note, if energy and its application is virtually unlimited, the nature of any monetary system is transparent, as it is a trade in the slavery of others.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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