Modeling cell mechanics

While generating the control process for ant genomics, it is very obvious that genes sometimes act very much like flip flops that trigger on environmental conditions. The operation could be summed up very easily like this, (though it is commonly a more complex interaction) : the presence of a specific environmental chemical or factor is a trigger to an internal cell chemical cascade which enables a gene within the genome, as a consequence, that gene produces chemicals which cause a state change , and also produces a chemical which enables the gene. In this way it acts as a flip flop. Signal causes change of state, change of state is locked by feedback.

If you are familiar with how a flip flop works it is an easy analogy to identify. In the cell, a competing chemical can serve as a reset. It is an advantage to understand math, electronics, software, and systems operation when dealing with biological systems.

In the process of modeling the cells from the chemical level I have encountered several interesting process dynamics and they will be dealt with in the documentation of antfarmgl.

I saw an article promotion at Nature magazine and it seemed very interesting as it was about the shape of DNA influencing the operation of the cell mechanisms and that is an obvious no brainer. I would probably have bought the magazine when I was younger to see their take on the issue, however I have many better tools at my disposal for identifying the relationships and I feel that closed source and restrictive scientific investigation should die a noble death sooner rather than later, for the benefit of humanity.

The things that would interest me and I would be willing to pay for are the products that will come from my project, which will yield a graphical and controllable network representation of the process as a whole, rather than a piece meal speculation on individual interesting aspects.

The image is a screen snapshot from a Q&D flip flop test with xcircuit ( a free open source program). There are so many interesting source packages and the ability to use them and modify the source for new uses is a very large advantage.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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