History of logic and Le bonheur de vivre

Throughout recorded history there have been attempts to establish a universal language and even a universal logic. The attempts at universal logic are limited in their scope and it seems that they fail because they attempt to incorporate a viewpoint that is emotionally based.

A person cannot function without emotion. We have no choice in that aspect. It is a different form of existential reasoning that comes from our nature. It isn't mechanically logical and never will be that. We live for our sensation of life and the joy it brings. It is process itself, life. Likely there are no logical answers that will ever apply to life, and it is this joy, fear, struggle, confusion, hunger, anger, and conflict that is life.

I am going to make another attempt at universal language and logic. I would like to include that in my program for atomic manufacture as final icing on the cake. I have a theory of how to do that and so that is what I am testing today.

I hope to start cleaning up the sourceforge site and establish a mirror for the information there. I have ideas for some screen shots and a new web page design and the code and tests should start appearing there as soon as I deal with all the piddling details of SSH again and setup a XUL to handle all that on my computer. This way I can hand out a tarred XUL file with everything that a developer needs to know to get started and have access to the source and associated files.

I see I have been doing some bad HTML that is deprecated and I will try not to do that anymore, but it is a habit and coding <i></i> to do italics is just a bad habit, along with <strike>.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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