Going too far with ideas

I was thinking that since I cleaned a 300 gig drive that I should be smart enough to make a dup of my working partition by hand and then mod grub and /etc/fstab and initrd. I did cp -rp ( on all the dirs) which preserves file information and did it at a shell prompt. I had to do some fiddling and rebuild the initial ram disk and change the UUID in grub/menu.lst and change my / (root) partition to the new drive. I am using it now and I have 268 Gigabytes free on my / partition.

That is only about 40 bytes of information for every living person on the planet and I think that should be enough for a while anyway. I remember using 8" floppies that had 160K of storage and that was all you had on a development! system with a 110 baud printer. Wow more than a million times as much storage and it is 100 times as fast as I am also using SATA. It is just stunning what Moore's law means 216 times as much storage, and our CPUs were 8080 and ran at 0.5 MHZ. Can you image that, More than 8000 times slower. And I used that shit and did real design. I don't miss it. It is many times more effective than even Moore's law says. It is wider, 64 bits instead of 8, faster, 2 Ghz , more CPUs ( Dual core and FPU standard), 2 Gigabytes of ram, a terabyte of rotating storage, and network speeds at the gigahertz range from 110 is just freakish. I ran an entire factory with an 8 bit 8080 with 16k ROM and 8k ram running at 500khz. I actually thought Z80s were impressive then. That was before MS and CP/M ( the world of ISIS, BAL, RPG, and JCL ) and then 4004, 8008, Fairchild F8, 6502, 6800, 680x0, TI9900, 8085, 8086, RISC R3000, ......

I designed with and programmed so many different CPUs it isn't even funny anymore.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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