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There is method to my madness and one of the goals of antfarmgl is to establish genetics as a programming language. The study of so many languages and methods is necessary to understand how to make a usable interpreter or compiler for genetic code. Much like the first computers, they did simple things at first and combined elements to make more complex results. The system of DNA-RNA-protein and its mechanical framework, are a functional pairing of molecular level manufacturing and logic.

For this standard it is necessary to implement the control logic and tools in such a way that they are intuitive in their programming. I have a general idea of the mechanics and parts which are involved and the mitochondria provide a convenient CPU which generates it own power in the form of ATP from sugar and O2. Here is a funny link to all things mitochondria in Star Trek.

This type of system, which is comprised of self-replicating elements is an easy design once all the elements are testable. There are certain atomic level techniques that have to be observed and they are documented in the antfarmgl system. It should be obvious that a cell free extract containing a means to "feed" the mitochondria would allow a liquid content addressable array of organisms if they were unique in their response to a chemical signal. This is not the design I am using, it is just an example that should be obvious. It does not require a billion dollar facility to manufacture as it manufactures itself.


jordaenne said...

hi there Paul.

What an ambitious idea to transform genetic coding into a computer language.
Well computers read dna right now as was explained to me on that gorgeous site US GENOME PROJECT but the genes aren't really transformed into a set computer language is that it?

Not everything is known about genes so would this come in the way of creating this kind of language?I recall reading that there are strings of dna that do not code and they don't appear to have any function at which point I laugh cynically to myself and say science will not know all.

Yes when I did some reading on that site I thought it was so cool that you could go to the gene and click anywhere on it to find out what area of the gene controlled what.
I live in a paradox regarding science always in admiration but also mocking at its endless limitations.

Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it.

I think it is a beautiful way for you to record your activities in this journal.

I would like to talk about my day's work but it is unprofessional to do so to any greater extend. I should write in a private journal.
I read somewhere that something like 80percent of our lives are forgotten but the journals keep them alive.

have a beautiful day
filled with love and light.

Is this really your own personal goal?Are you a biologist also.

Paul Mohr said...

I am somebody who designs and builds "things that work". As far as the computer language goes, you have an interesting perspective as somebody who doesn't program. In terms of programming, any thing can be programmed and is by what we do. In this case it is a matter of controlling a process to act in a predictable manner. When dealing with DNA, it is possible to operate a sub set of the process of life in a predictable and controlled way. In the case of companies that make insulin, an inclusion "program" made of DNA is inserted into a cell and it makes insulin. The reason I do this publicly is because it is an open source project and intended to be owned and used by everyone. I explained more about how the DNA becomes a computer in a later post and if you want me to specifically cover it all for your benefit from the ground up, I wouldn't mind that. In fact it might be fun. It starts with Aristotle and Archimedes ........

jordaenne said...

well gee Paul I will be blogging on and off a bit until the 15th. ha ha.

thanks for your answer.
see you soon then.

Paul Mohr said...

I assume you hit the publish twice or Google screwed up, so if you want me to publish a duplicate of that I will :)

jordaenne said...

nono but staying informed ha ha.
you post so often see you in the infinitefuture sometime.

Actually I will ask you what post it is that you will be dealing with how dna is a computer because it is hard to grasp which ones are which you post so many so when I return I will ask you to direct me to the one or else maybe you can tell me in my journal the date of the post.

and then you may add relish in the comment box

yummy thanks.
see you next day or the one after.

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Automated Intelligence
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