Automake packaging is sweet

Presently I am exploring automake and I have become competent with using that. A definitive reference for that is

It is part of the necessary tools to create a package that is easy to use and standard. It is certainly a lot of detail to encompass, but the results show when a user can simply find what they want in the debian archives and then install it without errors.

There is a lot of behind the scenes work done by Ubuntu, Kubuntu, KDE, Gnome, Debian, and many others. In the process of learning Automake, I wondered at a warning error. I used Google ( my favorite internet friend) and found a bug report for this warning. It seems that others are aware and a fix has been defined and it will probably come down the lines sometime™ It needs to be checked to see if it breaks something else and so I won't jump the gun by installing the change as it may get reverted. It is only a warning and as such it makes no great shakes, except I am compulsive about why things don't go exactly as planned.

It is a lot of work and a lot of background to absorb to do effective debian package generation and many things go into the overall picture. I am astounded at how much I have learned in the last year. I can truly say that I am at least a minor-guru when it comes to the overall process. It means that I should be able to apply all the cool tools and do things the easy way. Automake allows me to maintain and test and install my program with very few commands. If I had to do the hand coding of every "Makefile" for every possible architecture, it could become oppressive. This is great as I have learned a new thing that will come in very handy. BTW it is written in perl.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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