Using the sun effectively

It seems that a sun orbiting generator as I dreamed a while back would be a good idea. Ther are some issues of kinetics that would have to be dealt with in terms of energy transfer or utilization, however I have done the calculations a hundred times, if not more, on the surface area of energy coming out of the sun at 93 million miles away, and the amount of energy available there is so great compared to the usage on planet that it is not even mentionable in comparison. It only requires a means to deliver the materials to space.

If you talked about moving 6 billion people at 10k a ticket, that is 60 trillion dollars. If you look at what the energy output of the sun could do for automated manufacture it almost boggles the mind in what could be accomplished. The initial effort applied would result in such a vast benefit that every person would be able to do virtually anything they wanted.

If automated machines can be made that manufacture the engines that circle the sun with the power produced it involves no cost whatsoever in the long run. If the material is mined in space and the entire process is automated it would be self sustaining and very advantageous to everybody. I have designed automated process control and worked with automated lathes and understand the principle of genetic manufacturing and the cost is materials, and energy and if energy is abundant, materials can be mined with the energy.

It may be a turning point for humanity to take the next step and stop depending on the Earth's meager share of the vast power of a free-running gravity contained natural fusion reactor of a scale that dwarfs the efforts of even the largest Earth bound energy conglomerate.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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