Space, the final insult

I have been considering the technology I discovered and with a little ingenuity I think it would be possible to deliver material to the moon at about $50/pound. A single station would likely be able to launch about 10 tons a week. As far as the people, it would have inertial cancellation and as such, they wouldn't even know they were traveling. It would mean that you wouldn't have to have the "Right Stuff" or even any stuff. You could eat candy bars and drink pop on the way.

I find it hard to believe that somebody else can't come up with the same thing sooner or later. It is a complete game changer and as much as governments might like to think nothing would change, I would bet the Earth would end up as a ghost planet, just because it would be boring and irritating.

The price might go down with volume or competition, but I would think that people would pay twice the 10K$ freight, just to have an opportunity to live or even die on another planet. I don't see how a terrorist could be very scary if he said he was going to do some horrible thing and he was on Earth and I was on Mars. The same goes for a nuclear threat or invasion.

The idea that space would be harsh is based on the fact that it would be expensive to deliver material and as such it would be a meager situation and certainly the raw materials are questionable on the Moon, but it seems that rock is as good a building material as any if you have an enclosure. It might be riskier to stay on the Earth than live on the Moon. In the time when the railroad first went west in the US , the cost of materials was very high and, if I am not mistaken, the cost of a good meal was 10 times as high as the 50$/lb when inflation is accounted for. It would seem that the person who could discover a useful resource or establish a business in space would certainly profit as much as the people in California during the gold rush.

I am really sick of the fairy tale space explorations with rockets and aliens and the star wars, enough of the fantasy, let's see the goods. It just takes the right idea and a willingness to do it. I imagine it will be a total free for all, but that is what people are all about. Space pirates, crazy religions, drug dealers, manipulators, and madmen would abound.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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