Universal Pudding and the Birds in the Mirror

There are always patterns, and I am not the only one who sees them. The problem is that even if you know this is how the monster is made, unless monsters is your desire, the information only serves to irritate. Few can see, many will wonder, all will dance. It is an unpleasant profession as the title implies and sometimes the silvering flakes off the back of the mirror and you can see the birds there. They have no idea they have been noticed, and care even less if they were.

So the pudding is forming and I have guessed correctly. All of these things are coherent if certain inaccuracies about physics, chemistry, math, statistics and biology are applied. Now I wait for the mind to encompass the structure and I can once again think coherently about what I must do to actually use the knowledge. The dream of answers is far more attractive as it is perfect and has no rough edges. Reality is something else, and it is the concessions to the facts that make it less a completed magic and more a thing once learned, that holds no magic or fun. Perhaps I will be able to use this to see into the place I can't look, without confusion.

I have done some thinking about how I would have considered things in the past if I were not educated. Certainly since the very first person was capable of wonder, there were ample things to consider. The vast seas, lightning, magnetic stones, chemistry, poisons, drugs, fire, life, birds, clouds, rain, the moon, the stars, the sun, wind, death, strange creatures, molten stone, rivers, mountains, snow, darkness, mirror reflections, love, hate, fear,...


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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