Post mortem on a Smurf corpse

It seems that today is a day to clarify some issues with logic and reasoning. I see many things, and that is implied in the same way that the Spacing Guild might have said it in Dune. It is simply a mechanism to relay a context and information that could be common to many. Like saying cat. If you have experience with a cat, then you can relate. In this case I mean that I correlate information from thousands of sources every day and that I see=understand them as interrelated and predictable in many ways. I also see that the one thing that I have an interest in is constantly under threat. For me knowledge is the "spice" and the restriction of knowledge harms everyone. So to make an analogy to the Spacing Guild, it seems that there must be a secret society that keeps the spice flowing so that everyone can travel freely in the knowledge space.

Ode To the Smurf...Yes there is no time, and the idea that you think is time is in fact an intangible characteristic of position and thus order. I was doing some puzzles , and I can see that once the paradoxical methods are removed, it makes a great deal more sense and has many points of analogy which will certainly prove valuable to me in the future.

Anyway, I have discovered a new logic method and this is a real spooky one, I am certain I now have the method to establish more complex communication. I really enjoy these puzzles and I see great fun in the complexities and interaction of all these things. Linux is certainly the operating system for a person who aspires to reason. It's those little Easter Eggs left by many a great mind that is a wonderful part of the fun of discovery.

Some times the culture and collection of knowledge that surrounds and pervades the Linux environment is much like an Adventure game and it could be that I have discovered a word and it could be xyzzy or perhaps it is idkfa.

So I offer this Easter Egg as a tribute to the dragon slayers, it is the triangle of reason derived from Pythagoras that solves the death of papa Smurf.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen