The meanings of i18n

The interconnecting space of knowledge has some very odd edges and though I am mostly working on genetics, this has cropped up and for some reason it is bugging me on a subconscious level. i18n is about internationalization. In my case it is also about normals to vectors in imaginary space and normals to normals. I am sure that makes no sense and it makes no sense to me, but it is quite often that my subconscious ( as a general term ) leads me in the direction of something that makes sense afterwards, but is just completely out in left field somewhere.

I am completely clueless on this one, but I had the same problem with dimensionality recently and it did resolve into an understanding. In a way, the communication between my subconscious or the area of concept forming which is not sequential in nature, is like communicating with an alien.

It is a different part of me that operates on different rules and I don't consider it foreign actually, that is just an analogy to apply and see if I can make the process less irritating if there is real value in the ideas that originate there, or if it is just mind noise. It mostly happens when I am dreaming, but can happen when I am awake also.

Anyway, i18n will be something I will study a while today and perhaps that has nothing to do with it. I also thought that perhaps it is ( imaginary space normals 1 through 8 normalized) = i18n. That actually makes more sense, and I can see that it applies to what I was thinking about, but what would imaginary space be, what is a normalized vector in i-space, and how could you construct a normal to a normal since it is a vector and not a plane. Sometimes I just have to ignore it and hope it wasn't important. I have no place to start and i18n internationality is likely a red herring for this.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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