LHC is dangerous

I am not a detractor or scare monger for the anti-science and anti-LHC. I have had the opinion that it would be no different than conditions that exist elsewhere in the universe and are subject to on a daily basis, cosmic rays, background radiation, CMEs, and hundreds of other things.

That is not the problem. LHC is dangerous and I see why now. It starts with physicists who want to discover the nature of the universe and how these things work. The problem is just that, they don't know how it works and they create things they don't understand and also things that nobody else even has the faintest clue as to how they work. That is the reason the problem exists.

I have discovered a condition of their experimentation that is dangerous to everyone in the world and it is unrelated to the production of "black holes". In the same way that they failed to realize the potential dangers of the scale of other effects and the randomness of nature as a factor, they have completely missed a major potential failure and I am personally upset that they would do something this absurd and obviously dangerous.

That is all I will say on the subject for now, but it really does upset me that this is the best the world has to offer in physics, it is sad.

ADDED: This is a MAJOR problem, how can I ignore the fact that others will experiment with things in a way that is outright irresponsible. I would never consider doing anything so dangerous without a full and considered analysis of the potential outcomes. This is the reason I never consider the making of weapons a scientific pursuit. Any weapon that is created is as much a threat to those who create it as those they hope to conquer and control others. There is a major push to find new ways to travel in space and further the interests of humanity in the exploration of the universe and it should start with the intent to actually understand the nature of the universe. Until that process is complete, the activities are thrashing attempts to force something that is poorly understood at levels of power that almost guarantee unexpected consequence.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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