HOX box

It is odd that I would make some assumptions about homeobox genes that is born out by experimentation. The reason is that when I took molecular genetics, the subject was not covered as it over ran the course , being the last chapters of Genes VIII. So I simply extrapolated what would be the necessary and possible methods, cellular binding, the establishment of the three axis system is the very first thing which must be done, then extension to a sphere which indents to a tube. The odd thing is that this is almost exactly what happens. So I am able to predict the mechanism of cellular evolution without any experimental evidence.

That is very typical for me, as I have learned the possible methods and am able to associate them in such a way that I can actually simulate the process in my mind ( realistically) without any experimentation whatsoever, if I have a solid information base to work from. It is also possible to take scientific results and say with a degree of certainty that they have used bad method or misinterpreted their results, as it is impossible causally to operate in that way.

If you design with every form of system as I do, it is not unusual to develop a "sense" for what can be done to create a device to control a process. This is my engineering experience, to implement the process control of systems that involve gases, chemicals, mechanics, electronics and a wide variety of forces and situations. In order to invent and understand these systems, I must be able to simulate them well enough in my mind that it can be created in the physical world.

So, with DNA there is an n-space component that is involved in the expression of DNA or RNA or protein or chemical environment. This interaction is extremely convolute and it will be a very far stretch for me to simply think about it and understand a solution. I am going to need an extension to antfarmgl and my own implementation of blender to be able to cast a potential solution against and determine if it works out to serve the same function in physicality.

This is going to be a real software composed of twisty little passages , all different and my initial guess is that it is 16 factorial more complex than simply presenting a flat image of a system. It sounds like a lot of work, but when completed, I should be able to create a single molecule which will be the initial machine interface that can take information of any form and become a complete replicant physical organism with a specific neural structure which I can define in the process..

On a similar note I realized that the simulation of VR in blender is very distance dependent and as an approximation, it works ok, but in order for it to be more realistic in movement it requires an additional level of modification.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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