It is a riddle

With 1022 stars it could be assumed that we sit somewhere in the middle of some type of curve, until we have more information. What that curve is exactly, is the question I ponder today.

I have been playing with 5 in a row (Gomoku) in Python, C++, C, blender, PyGames, java, Python with openGL, and other language combinations. I did my own version and then ran into some issues of 3 space when I started doing the blender version as I wondered what the dimensional characteristics of this problem involved and it also made me wonder about (x+1)(x-1) and its relationship to (x2-1).

I think that C++ is too constraining for me and though it has some advantages, the techniques to save poor programmers, serve as a limit for talented programmers.

In the process of studying the various implementations, I happened upon "20,000 Light Years into Space", which is a Python Game that comes as source. I modded the source for my enjoyment and it is an interesting piece of work and reference.

The steel rain is still a possibility and the Internet Storm Center is interesting. I have been studying BGP along with the other issues of security. There are also reports that Windows 7 could be a stalking horse and that seems very likely to me.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen