Dark seeds of Fermi

By looking at the universe from a new perspective, it seems that a logical extension of what I understand about physics would imply control of gravity, and computation at scales of at least as low as 10-30 meters. This implies 1090 elements per cubic meter and many have suggested M-brains as a potential future. The issue is entropy. It might seem odd, but the black holes that exist at the center of galaxies could very well be the culture that exists throughout the universe.

It makes sense to me on many levels. It is the fact that we fail to recognize the parts of the universe that we cannot currently measure. I have a method now that could conceivably do computation at 10-15 meters and this allows 1045 elements per m3 with a cycle interaction time "gate delay" of 10-23 seconds.

Each scale down of a circuit increases its complexity and reduces its latency. It is likely that we are the equivalent of "thermus aquaticus" of the universe. An organism that can survive in extreme conditions of chaos and heat.

What I am suggesting is that something which was here long before we formed the first amino acid has used what we consider the universe as its "heat sink".

I wonder what a brain that is the size of a black hole and complex at a level of 10150 would think? I am also making a big guess here and saying that there is a chunnel between the galaxies that allows them to communicate. This is my solution to the Fermi paradox. I can't say it is true, but it does solve all the variables that I have knowledge of. I would say that in my estimation that this is a very high probability due to the number of coincident correlations.

I am going to consider what might be a proof of such a conjecture. It is exactly what I might do if I lived a billion years. It is far safer inside a black hole ( if you can live there ) than on the crusty surface of a spinning rock. I have no method that could neutralize the gravitational gradient, but I would guess that if a balanced sphere of enough matter could be generated at an appropriate volume, that a stable structure could be generated. It would also seem that a "Ringworld" or more likely "Sphereworld" could have gravity to the outside and be its own entire safe universe, like a seed pod.

ADDED: I have given it some thought and this is by far the most realistic interpretation of the universe. I have to wonder what would be inside those eggs, if they are just eggs. The computational power of 1040 is what I imagined to be the threshold to being able to compute well enough to travel the stars at light speed. It just stuns me that there is perhaps a culture so old that it could design universes and that could live billions of years. Like any life that exists, it must have origins and I suspect that those origins are much like us. A creature must take the first steps out of self delusion and vanity and look out on the land to see that creatures roam there and they are much more advanced than us on a scale that is not even comprehensible.

I was considering the foundations of a world like "Ringworld" and considering what technologies would be needed and it comes to mind that once the final touches are placed on what I have imagined, I would build a structure exactly like a black hole with a protective surface that was capable of surviving even the impact of a star. Like life itself, the power of exponentiation is an incredible design parameter. If a bacteria can duplicate every hour, it is 224 in a day, 248, in two days, 272 in three days..... If the method is correct then the product is secondary.

I am beginning to understand the process of this and it can be assumed that if a creature or culture that exists at this level of complexity, they already know of us and what we are. In fact I might even suggest that we are a part and product of their existence. It would seem that it could be reasoned to a completion. I don't say that it is true, only that I consider the possibility and carry the logic to its conclusion to determine if a test of the hypothesis is possible.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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