Immortal Queen of the Dark Reach

This is the name of the science extrapolation I intend to write. The section is to be called "In the Arm" and I will use the publishing methods I have developed to allow it to be viewed and translated immediately to every language in the world. It is not intended to be fiction, but an integral part of the ongoing open source design for self replicating molecular manufacture and biological enhancement.

The book will include links to actual data and methods for each extrapolation and concrete examples or videos of process that is to difficult to relay in spoken form. If it requires the manipulation of Maxwell's Equations or Ohm's law, or any method which exists, then it will be documented and factual in its representation. In those cases where I simply extrapolate the social implications of the technology, no science exists yet to quantify or project what would be a predictable future.

I will integrate the computer code that controls devices, the schematics of devices that control, flow diagrams and STOPs ( STandard Operating Procedures ) to describe in detail how a specific chemical or product is derived. I will remain true to mechanical, electrical and all scientific method in presenting the data in such a way that all methods shown are presently workable or could be implemented. In the case of neural networks or simulated neurons, there will be references to proofs and examples of use. No distortions or misrepresentations of equations or relationships will be made and any highly technical explanations will be referenced by footnote , so that it does not interrupt the flow of the fictional extrapolation.

For my own benefit I will call it "science fraction" as that seems to describe my intent. It is a social interpretation of the science intended to amuse me and the reader and make the process of understanding and implementing the massive complexity a little easier to achieve. I suffer from the same problem as many as I seek to be amused or entertained in the process of life and it becomes a necessity to have the pretty pictures to keep me distracted and at the same time focused on what I must achieve.

The book will only be linked here and will be published using XML and the utilities to convert it to HTML with CSS, and other formats. My associated web site will host this book and it will only have that information there. The technical aspects that are involved with implementation of details such as "C" code or C++ code, scripts, Monty [sic] Python code, document methods, wiki usage, compilation, blender usage, gimp or other tools will be mirrored at sourceforge and in a wiki along with svn or git access and as a tarball.

I was thinking that I love puns and this "Monty [sic] Python code" is potentially a sick joke.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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