Imaginary space

After some consideration of this issue, I understand what the cryptic message refers to and it is really a neat concept, but I am not sure I can deal with it in a way that does not tangle my mind.

In terms of mathematics, the idea that the sqrt(-1) would arise in some situations is foreseen by the fact that you have methods and apply them to objects. It is not a given that a specific method will have any meaning when applied to an object that is incompatible. I could just as well say the ∑ δ0. It is my opinion that sqrt(-1) does have some significance in dimensional context, however the application of incompatible methods makes the math useless in practice. It is a system devised by people to model the universe and it is not something that is perfect and immutable. There must be a real correlation between the math method and the physical world. Nonsense abounds in infinity.

My understanding of what I am trying to recognize is this: In the topology of n-space, the negative vector would have volume. This is only because of the way in which math is defined for a line and it makes sense when you are adding and subtracting objects from a list. It doesn't have any meaning when you deal with area or volume, unless it is converted to a concept that applies. I could say that a hole is "negative volume". The problem arises when you wish to compute the length of the side of a hole. I could say that it is the (-V)-3 or the sqrt(-A), but I would just be silly. It is the same as if it were positive space. It is the method of application of mathematics that must be used in a sensible way.

So the vector relationships in i-space are translated to mean that in the 8 quadrants of space direction or handedness there are 8 more quadrants of handedness that represent those relationships which might be considered normals to the 3 space quadrants. So it is not a normal to the surface, but a normal to a volume and that is a completely different "type" of normal and has methods and rules which only apply to it that have no meaning when used like a surface normal.

So in some Alice in Wonderland way the thing which I thought was nonsense is actually a way to represent n-space and that part that is negative ( i-space or negative space or imaginary space ) corresponds to a hole. It makes sense and so i18n is as good as anything to trigger my consideration to understanding of that.

It adds additional complexity to the math in the way that it would be 16 case statements that deal with the relative relationship of the vectors in that i.n-space volume. In a simple example, the handedness of a molecule in three space has many attributes that apply. In organic chemistry they are discussed as "Entgegen", "Zusammen" cis, trans, and a host of other concepts and words that relate to the way in which they can translate or have equivalence in action. I won't delve into the complexity of dimensional relationships of carbon systems as it branches to infinity very quickly and I do not have infinite time.

So there is application in this and it may not seem to apply, but does serve as the link between DNA and the dimensionality I have discussed. I wish I knew how all this worked, but it is in my nature to try and understand myself also. It seems that it was my "other self" commenting that there is a significant relationship between the dimensionality beyond 3 and DNA. Sometimes I wish I was that smart and how is it that this type of thought can exist in the same space as the "normal" thought. Oh please, normal ( to surface ) and normal ( sociological ) and normal (.3N chemical ) and normal (..., in context and on and on. This why I hate this language, it is so context sensitive and wide associative thinking is always at odds with it.

Perhaps tomorrow.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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