I think I will coin a new phrase today. Humans with the inborn intelligence of species and a common ethic designed in their thought with a stable biological framework that incorporates the ability to share anti-bodies to external threats and a set of designer bacteria that is symbiotic to their structure, which provides the initial barrier to environmental threat.

They would look just like people, but in some ways they would act like pod people. It wouldn't mean the end of individuality, only a static restriction of ethos which would preclude them from acting in such a way as to destroy the society. The advance of technology is placing the world in a state that an individual of skill and resourcefulness could destroy the best efforts of all of humanity.

It is untenable.

As much as it assaults the sensibilities to be bound against some actions at a level above reason, it is a necessity. This is what ants have found on their way to infinity and if the war is impossible to be won without the end of life it must be accepted. If it cannot be guaranteed socially ( and it cannot ) then it must be biological.

It is my worry that people who love power and love to spread their own version of ethos will pervert this and see it as an opportunity to enslave the entire race as a caste and leave themselves free to destroy under the assumption that they will never choose the unthinkable, however that is not a supportable position either.

It is the same problem I have stated many times, it is very easy for a person to succumb to the notion that they are somehow god and as such can do anything they please. It is a natural extension and it derives from the same method that would inhibit the effect. By attempting to establish some rule set that would apply, the issue is side stepped, it is not the rules, it is the motive.

If somebody can come up with a better solution , I would certainly be interested. How to deal with the possibility that some grief stricken victim of some horrible atrocity with a hand full of hell will choose to consider themselves above the concept of all life, or consider the creatures that have done this as a race, to be deserving of the punishment of death, everlasting.

ADDED: I think that perhaps a biological imperative which overrides reason would be a bad idea. I have considered it anew and I see no way that it can be moderated or altered that does not present an even greater risk. I think we are stuck with this and the only way to safety from our own nature is the stars and separation. Like children that cannot play well with each other, they fight, except these children have nuclear weapons, drones, killer robots, plagues, satellites, rockets, jets, bombs, chemicals, and genetic tools. It seems the advantage is to the quick, over the dead.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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