The code of immortality

I read a lot of interesting things on the internet and they serve as inspiration and, so in some ways the solutions I get from the data is due to the very nature of openness on the web. It isn't everybody, but enough people have caught on to the fact that knowledge shared is knowledge amplified. I only wonder what is the best way to give back in the way in was given. I try to provide information on how to program and use the web safely and promote what I consider the only choice in operating environments (*nix).

Beyond that I have discovered something that is likely to allow immortality in a physical sense and perhaps also in a type of metaphysical sense. It might seem odd that I do programming so much when my main interest is atomic level self-replicating manufacturing. The thing is that I see the universe as a system that operates on programmed instructions. It is certainly not a Von Neumann architecture or Harvard, for that matter, but it does conform to a programming model. I have designed in the area of analog logic, relay logic, ballistic systems, FPGA, digital, CPU, digital signal processing (DSP), and many other areas where the concept of programming merges with the manipulation of matter to achieve a goal.

More recently I have studied the programming of life and how this "language" is used to produce a product. It isn't unusual to use a computer designed by a computer to manufacture a computer. It is things like CAD, SPICE, ATE, Pick and Place, Robots..... So this is not unusual to me that the "living machine" creates itself. It is the language, the syntax, and the effect that it has. It is a composite language that has many parts and nuances.

Bottom line:

I think I now have a handle on how the process works from the level of the nucleus of the atom to the organization of that matter as living form. Like Python, which is simply a thought parallel adventure, I seek to understand the detail and potential pit falls of the implementation of life. It is a study that encompasses many sciences and I realize that I am not the most skilled in some areas, however I have enough information to fill in the blanks where necessary.

Much of what I do is simply fill-in while I attempt to find the path to what I need. It may seem like chaos from the outside, but it requires an open mind and flexibility to trace a path through the unknown. I am at the place with life analysis that have been many times before with analyzing and learning the control methods of systems. I see the core of how it is organized and I need to solidify my knowledge of how the base algorithm is implemented. So I may create myself V2.0.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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