What things I am learning today

I like to keep up with system utilities and Debian a day is a good trigger for that and I re-explored "tree" and checked out "dstat". "blootbot" is my list for the future and as always the study of these leads to associations. I found HTML codes in Zim Wiki again and decided to make latex equations work. With a little search I found I needed "dvipng" along with "latex". After I "apt-get"'d it, I tried again to insert equations and it worked, this is nice as I can write equations and post them as pings on my page like this: "WhatIs = (sin^2 + cos^2)"

In biology I noticed this at scientific blogging about "Darwin's Dilemma" which is an interesting read and I will reread that a couple times. I want to consider what I know of the transition to multicellular life and which genes are involved.

The possibility that meteors trigger volcanoes or other events like magnetic or rotational shifts has been a consideration of mine in the sense that every event has secondary results and I would think that thumping the Earth really hard with a large meteor would certainly have some secondary consequences. This is also at SciBlog

I have investigated dozens of different techniques in blender and I am better able to generate movies directly from the animation or games and inter-relate the two effects to automate many things that are common. By integrating some math functions across a Python bridge, I can have a visual representation of some low3 space and 3+ space relationships. By generating the forms directly from a programming language or library I have an additional integration of features that can be combined in a factorial way. As my understanding of the relationships grow I can better manage the complexity that results and produce new things that give me new perspective on high space. It seems that it would be reasonable to conclude that an object or being that entered high space would be in a state of material "grace" in the similar vein as the concept from Dr. Who of "temporal grace". I do not see time as a dimension, however the nature of high space is somewhat "time-ish" in how it acts.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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