Two steps beyond and a left at infinity

::GENETICS:: One of my other predictions came true today or actually it was discovered to be true already. I suppose I should know, but I never saw that old article. Sneaky gene testing is being done by companies, individuals, governments, and media to use as a method to judge and investigate others. Apparently there is a law in England that makes it illegal to pick up an abandoned molecule of DNA left by the Royal Family to see if they are really related, or if something else is going on.

::Linux:: This comment at unixshell is interesting if you haven't used "od" before or are unfamiliar with the shell utility.

::AI-Antfarmgl:1: I have really done it now. I was intending to make a complete system that takes virtual models and makes real models, by way of the antfarmgl. It is really not that bizarre, except that I am doing it at the molecular level and therefore it can just as easily make self replicating forms or physical reality programs, which is the way I see them.

I have gone beyond that in a new twist. The effect of dealing with n-Space has left me changed. I can close my eyes and drift away to a virtual world of my own where I can create interfaces on the fly and do everything I could do in blender ( except is is n-Dimensional to the level of 5 now ), directly in my mind. It is very strange. I am sure now that I can integrate thought to virtual reality to reality in a loop, where the physical reality is in and out of the mind. That might seem a bit like magic, and it is said "Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

::AI-Antfarmgl:2: The end result of what I have experienced now is that I am wondering why it is necessary to have machines outside the mind that "simulate" imagination, when it can be done directly in the mind and the mind is the interface. It only requires that the imagination be instantiated in physicality through an evolving interface. So I could think of a fork and the nano machines would assemble a fork, I would pick it up and have dinner. Virtuality as physicality without instrumentality. This is definitely where my technology is heading now and this increases the design cycle speed exponentially.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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