Strange , but not really

Here is what I understand at the moment. I have always been interested in Egyptian culture as there seemed to be much more going on there than any trace that is left behind. A dynasty that existed for thousands of years must have had something that kept it going and I suspected it was their "wizards". I have some technology that I developed as a result of studying Egyptology, that I keep to myself, because exposing it would lead to some unwanted attention and it is very odd stuff on top of that. Just as an overview of history it seems that they may have developed some tech that is similar to what I am describing as technology without instrumentality that would appear as magic. For instance, if I thought about a cheeseburger and a nano machine in my skull received a signal from my brain and amplified it to an external molecular assembler and it formed in mid air above my hand it would for all intents and purposes seem to be "magic" to somebody who did not know I had a nano interface.

It is my opinion that the Egyptians had developed this and were able to use a type of integrated feedback to produce the effect without instrumentality. It is a logical and scientific consequence of the process and not a day dream. I can visualize and understand every part of the process and see that it really is possible to do such a thing, with the right starting methods.

From my perspective, I think that the wizards of the Pharaohs practiced this type of technology and the knowledge has been lost through the ages and the continuous war and destruction that is man. I think that some of the things attributed to religion, sorcery and some unusual early scientific abilities were a result of understanding this technology. Let me make this very clear, it is not magic or alchemy, it is good science and though it is very convolved, convoluted and complex, it stems from sound principles of the understanding of the core physics of the universe.

It makes me a little creeped out as it is more like "Harry Potter" than "Star Wars" and I could see that it has some inherent problems. I don't see how I can say I will start ignoring this impossible foolishness, when I am absolutely certain that it can be done. It of course could be done with brain implants and radio receivers and lathes and a thousand other instrumentalities, however if it is applied recursively, it is self contained and self replicating and becomes physically internal to a person's existence. Just friggin' weird to even consider is all I can say.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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