Today's focus, Immortality Incorporated and Waldo

I am working on an integrated approach to chemical synthesis in the cell and how this generates the various operative elements and how they interact. It can be said in chemistry that the presence of a specific catalyst and its substrate will generate a result based on a fairly precise equation ( Michaelis–Menten kinetics and others ) and is applicable if there is limited substrate or competing process. The combined interaction of the cellular machine is a fantastic Rube Goldberg device that interacts with so many different models that it is astounding in complexity. If you have ever written an OS from scratch it entails many of the same methods that are applied in the study of cells.

I would say that the understanding of electronics from the atomic level to the application level of something as complex as TCP/IP and blender is comparable and I can deal with that easily. It is a matter of successive approximation of the parts along with a lot of creativity. Reverse engineering is my specialty and as a technologist, that is what I am best known for. I have had to reverse engineer many systems without schematics and source. I also reverse engineer everything I come in contact with. When I was younger I just took things apart and left them apart, because I couldn't understand how they worked together. As the years went by, I became proficient at taking things apart and then putting them back together in new and better ways. It reminds me a lot of the "Motie" "Watchmakers" from the science fiction stories about "The Mote in God's Eye". The "Alderson Drive" and "Langston Field" are eerily like the concepts I have discovered. In addition I am under the impression that a jump would not just create disorientation, but a severe psychotic break if the person were conscious during the event. Perhaps that is the answer, to be unconscious during a traverse, however that also seems to entail some risk.

A quote from the story

"The Langston Field can absorb energy, but must store it somewhere or re-radiate it away to the outside, otherwise the field will overload and collapse, with all the energy released in a burst, destroying the ship."

This seems almost prophetic and I must say that as far as technically considered science fiction, that story is very scary in its predictions. The stories of "Foundation" and "Ringworld" are also fascinating in the concepts that are considered and projected.

So if you are wondering, that is the origin of my internet handle , a perversion of "motie" as "motie the first" or moteyalpha.

The idea of inertial control is not a suspicion anymore, it is a fact as I can test it and I know it works. I think that one thing is not correct from these stories and that is the fact that it is necessary to destroy life to protect life, that I think is a hangover from the ape-wolf-insect brain that has brought us here, just like the Moties, except it is not necessary to live by the commandment of the insect brain. Of course it is somewhat of a moot point when the failure to rise above instinct leads to that same consequence. Those who cannot rise above destructive impulse are doomed to die in its grasp.

"Immortality Inc." is another interesting story and was the basis for "Freejack". I also like the concept of "corpsicles" and it reminds me of "Integral Trees" but I think that is the wrong association. I did a search and you can see at the link that wiki has a section on that, is there anything that wiki can't do? ⍰


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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