I have mutated , what the f , WTF

I had the strangest thing happen to me this morning when I was waking up. I have always had a vivid imagination and could dream with such clarity that I sometimes had trouble knowing if I was awake or not in that time between sleep and fully awake. I can imagine a Rubik's Cube in my head and move several steps forward and back now without it getting tangled in thought. That is not the strange thing though. I was half awake and seeing an image that was shades of gray and as I thought of it, it unfolded into 4 space and I could open and collapse it at will!

That is so odd. I suppose my brain found some way to resolve this whole n-D thing that I assumed was simply making me confused with its complexity. I was half dreaming and I thought "Yes but does it have that semi-transparent dot cursor with cross hairs, that I like when I am using blender?" and voila, there it was!. In fact I could have a popup menu of cursor options and select the one I like by thinking of it. Definitely odd stuff, and it seems that many of the XML and CAM like features have been integrated there. In some ways it could be scary, but change doesn't worry me, it either kills me or it doesn't.

I am reminded of Walter Pidgeon in "Forbidden Planet" with this one. He says that the "Krell" manipulator has permanently doubled his IQ.

I think this is the thing that I was having problems with a few days ago, where I was talking about sets of videos in groups and images inserted. So that is what it seems like before it is a complete concept. I can see now that is what my "you give it a name - subconscious, mind2, imagination, inner mind" was telling me. That was the closest analogy to what I had already experienced. It is like stacked videos as the 4-space must also have time, which I guess makes it a kind of 5-space model. It will definitely take some getting used to, or perhaps it will drive me mad. Such is life.

I am very certain that all of this work with XML and Object-Oriented programming and CAM has had an advantage in clarity of thought about many scientific subjects. I find that the smooth and intuitive interface of blender has a scientific thought application, just in the way it is structured.

I had another odd thought, which was that if I told somebody on the internet to stfu they would know exactly what I meant, and that eventually I could just say what the f are you talking about! I think most people just use WTF for that. Then I thought, so will they ban the letter f because it reminds them of something that reminds them of something else that reminds them of something that they think is immoral?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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