The sun is still quiet

It has been 10 days and the sun is till without activity since my last look. It is worrying me a bit as were are exiting an arm of the galaxy also. The state of humanity could change rather quickly if we are buried in 100 feet of ice. I doubt this will happen, but you never know for sure. It is exceptionally cold here still and I don't believe there is a sun spot / temperature correlation, but I will research that now...
Incidentally, the Sporer, Maunder, and Dalton minima coincide with the colder periods of the Little Ice Age.
All in all from what I see and read there is about as much ability to predict in the current models as the financial gurus, and you know where that lead us.

So it just makes me nervous because the overall picture is of a planet entering a new ice age and these things do not happen overnight, but the transition effects are unknown in recorded history, which would seem to imply that it was disruptive. If an ice sheet spreads across the North American continent and it is assumed that it will eventually, there will be no cities there anymore

Ice ages have been happening for a long time and certainly there will be another. It seems that the idea of housing in the form it exists is not really a long term solution, anymore than a teepee or tent.

I suppose I will worry about solar warming when it is the middle of summer


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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