Spinning a web of gravity and inertia

Though it is possible to make an equation for anything, ( curve fitting or approximation using transcendentals , experimentation, exponents and scales.) It does not tell you what is actually going on. In the case of a gyroscope, it has always intrigued me and I have done many experiments, including some at liquid Nitrogen temperatures with crystalline structures of O2 in the presence of superconducting fields.

I guess the main issue that I want to resolve from my perspective now is why it has an inertial component beyond its physical mass, a center of gravity that is misplaced, and quantify that to a point that I can say, "Oh I see, this is what is going on.". At that point I will be able to apply the principle to other systems in the way that I invent. I see that in order to achieve "X" I need "Y" and if "Y" does not exist, then I ignore the possibility. Once that concept can be classified and described well enough to be a Object-Action pair, then it functions in my mind the same way it does in my software.

The goal with a positive use has a definition of which process could be used to achieve that goal and when available methods and states are ordered, then it can be achieved. The same as I invent solutions, the software writes itself.

Until I have a complete model of how the mechanism changes to produce the effect and to what degree the effect acts on other properties it will remain a curiosity and not a usable tool. I can experiment and say that it is useful for stabilization or many other things, but it also means that when I attempt to use it without the full understanding that the product can have unexpected consequence. The creation of invention by trial and error is very prone to being obsoleted or misused.

I have had some good luck with rotating systems before as it led to some technology that is very valuable to me personally. Even though I was not able to resolve all the complexities of systems that rotate, I was able to classify it well enough to use a special case for my interests. Certainly a centrifuge is an effective tool in the biological lab ( Svedberg or S ) or even in the production of nuclear weapons, however the application by simply experimenting with the device and classifying its effect on a purely observational level is quite different than knowing where and how the forces are derived and how they change in complex systems.

The reason I have such an immediate interest in this is that I suspect that if there is a method that matches a specific device that I have already devised and tested, it will produce an effect that would verge on the appearance of magic in its application. It is not to be known whether an endeavor into the unknown will achieve results, and in my experience it is rare, but in this case I see the potential gain as very high and so I will pound on this problem for a while and maybe I will find what I want and more likely I will find something less dramatic that will at least be useful.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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