Dilate existentialism

I have been considering the extension of mental ability incorporated in the person themselves to be the ultimate point of survivability and protection aginst entropy. It is effective to have external mechanism that are added to enhance ability, however that is not reproducible with the organism and an extension to DNA within the neural structure would be. If an organism were first biological and then neurally determined, then it would seem that the evolution of "culture" or "society" through direct inheritance would be the result.

In the case where other peoples' minds are used as extension of a person's activity, using ( force, chemistry, propaganda, advertisement, and many other techniques ) then it seems that susceptible individuals that are willing to accept dominance have already given away, that which makes them unique. The act of being enlisted into a cult or other collective has some advantage to the individual when they can escape the fallacy of assuming that biological imperative is a valid proof of even the most bizarre of concepts.

The most prevalent twist is to imply that a person is of great worth by virtue of the fact that they are a descendant or product of a god and as such are more worthy to survive than any other thing. This may suit the inherent concept of survival, however it is a short circuit of logic through the path of animal instinct and as such fails the test which apply to determine the quality of living organisms based upon their ability to function above an autonomous level.

The complexity and form of even an amoeba is extremely interesting to me and I consider it wonderful in its design. That does not change my opinion as to whether it is purely causal in a biological sense. The idea that Archæ were in fact a soup of genetic exchange or more like a single organism is certainly likely. The condition of individual competition in the biological form has certainly been a prime driver for the advance to intellectual consciousness. Certainly at some point the organism must be able to observe and understand its origins and recognize those things that originate from process are different than a true sustainable existentialism.

I find it quite possible in the attractors of the universe and biology, that there is a life form that derives from the single planet organism. It could even exist on this planet without our knowledge. Without looking a person cannot see that which is right before their eyes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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