More than PI

This is using KmPlot to do the equation below which is obviously a circle. I was surprised it didn't barf on imaginary boundaries. so it shows a circle.

This is also KmPlot and I did the integral of the equation *4 which is Π at x=1. It plotted it automatically. I looked in wikipedia and I saw a lot of stuff on Π, but it never mentioned this. If you click on the picture and look closely you will at the "y" you will see 3.14.

I am still a little bit confused as I see the universe differently than others. I kid about the werecats, but it has some meaning to me as there is much unknown in this universe. I have been doing integrals in an odd way I guess, perhaps it is why I like Archimedes as I understand what he was thinking, however the nature of logic and math as it has evolved leaves much to be desired IMHO. I was a straight "A" student in math and sciences, but I later rejected much of what was simply expected to be a given.

I spent a few hours going over paradoxes today and I really think that what others see and what I see is quite different. I was reading something about a quantum paradox and for me there never was a paradox as the premise was flawed.

I did my own proof of Pythagorean theorem years ago and I discovered the Algebraic proof without having seen it before, or knowing that it existed. (a+b)2=4(½•a•b)+c2 It is assumed that Egyptian sorcerers were aware of these relationships as much as 4500 years ago and one must wonder what they were doing with that. Obviously it would be possible to know the distance to the moon and sun with those methods, and I have had a sneaking suspicion that they were well aware of "high space" and the power it brought.

I am not sure what all of this means and I am in a state of confusion which either resolves in understanding or great frustration. אØ is a tricky thing too, and Cantor would attest to that, I am sure. I just saw some stuff at Wolfram and I am going to stay away from that on purpose, because I am working on a new Calculus method and I will become more confused to the point I may never come out of it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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