I could be too detail oriented

This little tidbit from magic.mime in /usr/share/file/ is the product of wanting to make my source show up in the "list view" mode of konqueror file system browser. I have a complaint about how "magic" is done. I always used a different type of magic for files and it was a separate data base that matched a location file to an associated type descriptor. That is my OS however. As can be seen here it requires // it seems, however it is really isn't that simple. I can ad the word "namespace" in the file and it auto-magically becomes c++.

It isn't really a problem, I just like to know the causal relationships so I can use them to my advantage.

I don't have all the pieces of that problem yet so it gets left to be completely understood later. The little comment in the file is referring to PL/1 and it is really so typical to see things like this, and it is just people, I would never change it. I certainly wouldn't patch for that. I don't think this piece of magic is really executed as it is commented with #

# c-lang:  file(1) magic for C programs or various scripts
# this first will upset you if you're a PL/1 shop... (are there any left?)
# in which case rm it; ascmagic will catch real C programs
#     C or REXX program text
#0 string  /*  text/x-c
#     C++ program text
#0 string  //  text/x-c++


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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