Testing DNA

Testing ways to view data so I can more easily get handles and modify relationships in SVG view, 3D, and as physical objects that have computed surfaces of interaction.

This is just the SVG version and I am doing the blender version, but it takes a bit longer as I have to script some new manipulators for it.

Feel free to copy this at will, I don't go through the trouble of watermarking stuff as it is made in a few minutes and watermarking is just a waste of time.

I also need to make an automatic flow chart of the program sequences to merge here, but I think I will use this as a gate symbol for my VR interface to enter the DNA programming world.

The VR programming world is a program like an MMORPG, but in the "game" you pick and place elements and connect them to be different parts of the overall system which runs with the OpenGL VR window. It includes a Python script world also that is used to make blender objects that get automatically transferred and rendered to blender. I think I will use a Cobra with the blender icon on its head as the door to that realm. The VR tree world also controls the sequences of the Trie Thinking Tree VR and nano interface.


stelt said...

This makes my tech heart beat faster, this is going into my SVG link collection

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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