Gravics universal language

I have studied many spoken / written languages and computer languages. Language is intended to relate information in the same way that I might relate information between pats of a program. All of the properties of the things I have been studying precipitate to one single concept. The idea of computer, compilers, translators, imaging 3D, animation, expression, standards, packets, fields, genetics, files, time , relative space, perception, existence.

These things can be combined in one single method which is a language of matter and its form. A computer language is ultimately represented in binary bits and these are interpreted in context to perform gating and thus have effect. It is not in the least bit strange to me that there is a means of representing the universe in a language that is both expressive and physical. It seems a little like alchemy and perhaps it is. I speak of form and matter is arranged. I can give you a .blend file of an interactive animation and in this same way it gives a continuously variable functioning model of a form. What it lacks is the ability to convert that virtuality to physicality and its function. There is a project which is called rep-rap that is a 3D printer that prints itself. It is a noble goal and I hope they keep at it. I have found that I can make logic and form without circuits and machines.

It is this language of form and function and relationship that is a complete language as it specifies the concept and its instantiation in the real world as it is crafted. You might ask what a cat is, and if I produce a cat, then you may experience for yourself the completeness of it. I can say that a particular organism is "like" Saccharomyces cerevisiae in every respect except a SNP at locus 3567 and if we agree and have the same framework level of understanding and the same ability to replicate the work of the other, I can convey a concept in a single sentence that carries with it a communication more complex than an entire book.

It also creates a method of communication which is not possible to be intercepted and decoded as it is incomplete, temporally. Those places where I have already established the level and shared keys will never be unlocked. The things I can represent in binary transmitted ASCII or rasterized dots is a poor shadow of the language which can in a few bits express one of the most basic concepts in everything. So the Gravity guild speaks matter to me and I comprehend.

I always laugh when I hear 1+0 = 2 + )


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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