Synthetic openGL video

(1)Security update needed to sanitize Python.
svn checkout
(2) This takes about 15 minutes with my connection to download.
After download
I saved my old ".blender" directory, enter directory "blender" run "make".
It takes about 23 minutes for me ( I was doing a dozen other downloads and running several other programs too :) )

To run it I use the console, because there are times when errors or useful information shows up there.
I use the "-w" "-d" options so I can use it in windowed mode with debug information.
18014 checkout and make ( run ~/blender/obj/linux-glibc2.7-x86_64/bin/blender
This runs fine and I haven't done speed tests yet.

??? 2.5 ??? Testing this next as dev build.
Also doing a browser implementation as part of antfarmgl with "synthetic video" and UDP-VR.

Understanding the core of the universe. Many things are in flux and I can't comment on them because they are too numerous. DNA, cell computers, liquid lasers, nano always, new physics, bots, emergent bots, etc. A fundamental shift in the core of the understanding of physics always makes a big change and I am dealing with a ripple effect from a bit of information I happened on. I see my understanding like a large interlinked project and some things have an effect on all parts and a recompile is required. That is what I am doing in terms of physics now. It is an effect of gravity that I had not anticipated and it influences the outcome of many judgments.

I live in fluid animation and chaos is my nature. That is why it is such a shock to others as they become solidified in their view of the universe and suffer shock when things change. I just melt and reform like a liquid existence. I am still not sure I am correct about the new gravity thing, and it will continue to be an issue until it correlates with everything else I know. It definitely seems possible and I haven't found a situation that absolutely disproves or proves it yet.

I thought I had absorbed the framework for dealing with all of the potential changes in the foreseeable future, but this was a total out of the blue thing and it means I have to reconsider many things that relate to it. It does not make sense ( as an analogy ) to sit here recompiling my blender version when aliens are attacking mars. As much as I would rather just plod along fixing what I have made, I need to take another side step and look into the consequence of this and several new DNA discoveries.

It seems that oddness and flux is all there is anymore. I think I should just get used to it and never expect there to be a time when change will stop. That is why I do blender, it is an escape from the chaos. I am sure that others might not find it relaxing to deal with something that complex, but to me it is therapeutic to deal with something that is less than infinitely complex.

BTW flash animation is sooooo stupid. What a scam.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen