Programming in 4 dimensions

This might seem odd if this is your first look at my blog, but taken in context it is just same old, same old. I was trying to model a program structure in Inkscape.

I found that it was not connective enough. I decided to model it in blender instead and was able to do that.

I was wondering if "GOTO" was inherently evil. I know Linus likes it, but I disagree on this one. I think "GOTO" is pure evil from the 10th dimension ( I admit the evil thing must be used, but only when faced with man eating spiders from IF hell). The drawing is what every program in the universe looks like in 4 dimensions (I use colors and numbers and texture to identify other dimensions). I have an algorithm that converts all programs into a single logical set. It has taken a long time to be able to do that. There are certain things about the nature of logic that must be satisfied in any relationship of matter. I think that good programmers have this in their minds. The problem is that it is like learning to walk. You do not have to understand gravity scientifically to walk.

The really sad thing is that I really love to program and I am teaching Alice Infinity to program. When she gets the complete hang of it, she is going to be one Godzilla effing programmer. I will only be able to use her programs or create faint imitations of her greatness for my enjoyment.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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