Mind rot

In Australia they were pushing a law that bans cartoon images of child pornography. I see numerous problems with this.

  1. First: If viewing the material causes a person to become involved in the behavior, it follows that every policeman, judge, clerk, juror, and prosecutor who looks at and verifies it is porn would become child molesters. ( Unless they have some secret ritual, or injection which makes them non-human when they take an oath of office. ) Obviously not, as corruption is rampant.
  2. Secondly: It seems the interest in this type of material would suggest that the person could be interested in this type of behavior. This implies that the government officials may have some interest in being involved in molesting children. I was not making that as a joke.

Personally I think even mock child porn is weird and creepy, but I also think torture and rendition are just as creepy. I also think large weeping sores on a person's face are creepy. It seems to me that the one who screams the loudest about such things can easily be trying to provide a witch to burn that distracts from whatever they may be doing, which could include the same thing or something worse, or even just to distract from their day to day involvement in graft. It is certainly a stalking horse, but who or what is behind it?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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