Ongoing blender saga

This is the next step. I took the previous image and I turned on my video camera and snapped a picture of a table cover. I used this as a texture, duplicated the object, and applied particle hair at a ridiculously long length to make it obvious what I was doing. This took 2 minutes and the render was about 4 seconds with subsurf 4, shading, fur, mirror. I think it looks fairly realistic and if I was going to use the proper texture of skin and hair color with a sane value for length in various areas, it would be very believable. I applied no gravity to the particle fur so it is less believable that way also. I have done photo realistic before that is indistinguishable to the untrained eye. If I see it, I can duplicate it. If I hear music I can play it also.

joke, It is a model for a terminator cat with rabies that will be sent back in time to bite Arnold Schwarzenegger's grandfather to stop the Terminator franchise.

I did a complete insect metamorphosis model and then when I finished about 30 minutes of work I had rotated in the wrong axis once and I couldn't fix it and had to scrap the entire thing. I was a really neat alien when I got done, but it was not a realistic insect. I was thinking it was so bad it would make a dog puke. And while I was still thinking that, the Dilbert comic creator blogged this about how selective a taste most dogs have. It is very true, it is hard to disgust a creature that licks its own butt.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen