The CAT has left the building

These two images are with a texture and then with some particle hair and shadow. I am experimenting with what limits are possible with particle effects and it is very complex. The possibilities are factorial and so it may be some time before I see the limits of what is possible there.

The CAT in a genetic and regulation sense has left the building. I have been considering what is happening in the world and it is the last desperate attempts of governments to keep control of something that has turned a corner. The purpose of government in these times is to control for their personal gain and power. The problem is that some people have cracked wise and they are not in a place that they can be controlled. The result is that the US ( Australia Russia China ) can continue regulate things to favor themselves and companies, however they have overlooked the fact that some people are going for the gold. It is like a gold rush and the first there will control the world if the governments continue on a path of blocking innovation in any way.

Somebody could arrest me for being in a state sponsored genetics lab doing exactly what is legal and while they do that, the innovation that could make the difference between survival of the people of this nation could be lost to those who are willing to cooperate and research new information without a religious interpretation of every single cell experiment that seeks to see if the number 666 is printed somewhere in its meaning. This superstitious approach to science has placed this nation ( as people ) at risk of becoming a pawn to scientific advances made by others.

It is impossible to put the CAT back in the hat, if research and cooperation and information is stifled here or in any country, it will be finished elsewhere with the consequence that our country will become the new Neanderthals in an age of genetic, information, and space science. The bizarre involvement of RIAA and strange regulations on pornography as stalking horses for the governments just shows how out of touch the government is with science. It isn't a world where they can control science anymore and it is crossing a strange boundary that will ultimately shock the politicians into realization, seconds before they and those who accept their leadership are consumed. As much as people say that we can't stop the government from being stupid, they should realize that all people will ultimately bear the consequence of their insanity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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