Nvmb3r5 and the Romans drive me crazy

I was thinking about numbers and time. I have ranted about Light Years before and numbering things I, II, III, IV .. and it is a silly system of knowledge intended to be modeled after a secret society, where you must learn the secret handshake of derivative and integral notation to use the super secret decoder ring. It is the same time everywhere in the world! I can't understand why it has to be a different time everywhere. I can see that Australia would be 8000 Mi./ c ( 8000 Mi/186000 Mi / Sec = 0.04301075 Sec ~= 43 ms.)away from me in light terms as the neutrino flies, but beyond that, it is rubbish. Time of daylight != Time. The bizarre need to cling to the Holy Roman Empire constantly disturbs me. It is like talking to children spouting gibberish. "It is ten minutes later when I go to the North Pole", the munchkin said. Rotation of Earth / Revolution of Earth around sun / position of sun in sky / position Earth have nothing to do with TIME!

I think people enjoy playing with the nonsense of it. It is tomorrow in Australia. I don't agree with the concept at all. If I am traveling around the path that the Earth takes about the sun, Am I in June and if I am at the center of the Earth, what should my watch say Alice?

∑All Knowledge != known. || ∫All Knowledge != known. ΔKnowledge ≡ Knowledge.Freedom

If you don't think the whole thing is some silly game of empires, look at the name of the 10th month and wonder why it is "oct"(8)ober and the 12th is "dec"(10)ember or why the 9th month is "sept"(7)ember or even why there are 12 "months" any way as if there are 12 moons in a rotation. Let me have some science in my crap one of these days. It is a game and I find the rules to be arbitrary and so it is just another Alice in Wonderland distraction from reality. There is no significance whatsoever to anything to do with time or all of the odd symbols that seem to pervade society. "horoscopes" "lucky clovers" "perfect mate" .... It is a wonder that squirrels haven't staged a coop against the governments of this world. Stay tuned for part II of the Roman technology review, "Brutus and Marcus get a laptop".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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