The end of old Money, the new paradigm

I think I have figured it all out from a historical perspective. Money will not really exist any more in a few years and the measure of interaction or trade between people will be information. If any device or circuit can be manufactured with a DNA / RNA / nanotechnology / mechanical framework, the idea of property as a measure of value ceases to exist. If matter can be reworked using the tools of biology, then material form is irrelevant. The information to rearrange matter in new and effective ways will dominate the society for the next 30 years.

The free distribution of information will be a hallmark of the process. In order to restrict knowledge it requires a mechanical force to be applied ( military or police ) by an organization. It is not possible to make an organization which is solid in such an environment. It is not possible to form a sword from that which is constantly in flux. People will certainly try to cut their way through the air, but it serves no purpose ultimately.

It certainly is an end to feudalism, and the only thing I wonder is how bloody a revolution it will be. The result is inevitable, the process is full of danger from those who lose power in that process. It is not the masses who will gain from this that are the threat, it is those who wish to keep themselves above the accountability to human norms. If a person kills to protect their position it is murder, when a politician or statesman does it, it is called power grabbing. People of power fear accountability for their constant misdeeds and relish their position above the common law or personal morality of action.

I would call it the war of the Holy Coin. I avoid providing some key information about many subjects so that it does not become a tool for that war. I have no doubt it will continue to expand, and I also have no doubt it will fail. The mental process that supports despotism is not flexible enough to operate in a complex fluid environment. It requires that things be poured into molds and cast in positions, which is like stabbing a liquid terminator with a stick. These ideas of society are so old and outdated. They stem from the time of the Pharaohs, Rome, Mesopotamia, Dark Ages, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, and a thousand other imitators of the Roman social design. Rule by brute force is on the way out and with it go its trappings like coin of the empire and statute law.

The King is dead, long live the people. Even religion promotes this concept of Kings. It is absurd. I have no king above me, no hell below me, and no shades upon my eyes...


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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