Design headway

I am making some good progress on the antfarmgl project and have decided to make a complete 2.0 release on sourceforge when I am done testing. It will include the ability to manufacture and control matter at the atomic level.

I am really pleased with my progress the last two days and it is finally coming together into a clean and easily supportable coherent package. It has been a lot of work to keep all the options in mind for the design, but it has made good product, IMHO. It pays attention to Help, Command line invocation, SVN, XML standards, VIOP, UDP, P2P, IRC, OpenGL, List processing, SQL, Configuration, debugging, speed, versatility, scalability, compatibility with Linux and POSIX, "C" standards ( ALL coded in "C" from a single make). I have two more thing to learn completely, which is auto-config and .deb packaging.

I have learned much of this with the gracious help of many open source contributors. I leap from the shoulders of giants.

I should have some cool screen shots in the coming days.

BTW really cool new pictures of ants at MYRMECOS and a blind ant with a head 500µ wide that can function in a complete society that designs structures that defy explanation of their design control. I have no clue how their behavior emerges to a system that can control underground temperature without an understanding of the physics of the design. They are seriously entertaining creatures.

The image was added and I was thinking I am going to add a feature that allows me to run any slider without fiddling with the mouse if I have a scroll wheel mouse. So I started trying it to see how it would feel to do that and OMG it does that in gimp. I am so upset, I have been clicking and typing numbers and I could have slid the parameters back and forth so easy, oh well, the stupider I feel the smarter I am now. I really need to do some more experimentation and manual reading.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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