What is the worst nightmare in the universe

I had a bit more thought on the idea of the military doing whole human brain emulation. There is an old Dr Who episode about cyborgs and it is oddly correct, I think. It is one of the more recent ones circa 2006 and the Doctor disables a canceling circuit in the cyborgs to make them go insane. I always thought that the idea of a Terminator that was relentless and murderous was a nearly impossible thing to program. The concept of taking what nature has created in the human mind and putting that into a metal form would achieve that goal however.

I always wondered what the motive was for the Terminators. Destroying life is not the first thing a program thinks of unless that is what it is designed to do. If you take a human brain and put it in a metal body so that it would never feel again, never satisfy hunger, never rest, never dream, and never know the comfort of simple human companionship, I think they would have the thing they seek, a thing that would kill relentlessly, the creatures that imprisoned it in an eternal hell. A berserker that would continually evolve to kill all life everywhere in the universe. In the process it would consume each mind it encountered and trap it as well in the hell it knows.

The cartoon like representation of the Terminator, Daleks, Cyborgs and others seems to blunt the understanding of what goes on in such a system of biology in metal without senses. I find it strange that the military could even make a public statement of intent to investigate such a thing and it seems to imply that the seed of the real Dalek must live in some of these minds.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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