What happened with kraft version 0.30 ( post mortem )

In the process of using kraft I tried one version and then got an update. By running the new version without doing a clean install from the ground up it became "tangled". It uses a set of update scripts to manage schema. Those scripts must be installed. The database must be cleaned once it has been installed. So little Bobby "DROP DATABASE kraft;" could have helped me, but Nooo! he was at school because the school board sanitizes their SQL Queries. After dropping the database, creating a new kraft database, doing a "sudo make install" and restarting kraft from the command line it successfully operated and I imagine it would install fine from a clean .deb. There is the issue of screwing around with the mysql, and that doesn't seem like what any client of mine would ever do. I would get the open mouth and "You asked me to do what with which, how?"

So after dancing in the stars with SQL, XML, and schema I have come to realize that life is still long enough to actually understand all this crap.

Bottom line:

IT Works and the concept of "little Bobby; DROP TABLES students;" is a great deal more understandable. That is really funny because now the SQL book that I thought I would never completely understand seems a bit boring. I think it takes a real world example and experience with using the knowledge before it really sinks in and makes sense. Part of understanding SQL is the understanding of how XML arranges data also. The combination with shell scripting and the use of C++ makes it a bit more difficult as it is possible to make the CPP more difficult to understand with auto-magic obfuscation that seems natural to the writer, but becomes trauma for a person who has to debug it. I think by the time it gets to version 1.0 it will be a clean software.


Paul Mohr said...

So after all that playing around and obsession with understanding I found GnuCash again and I forgot I had used that before. It seems a lot easier and much cleaner. If you are selecting a simple free open source invoice tool, I would recommend GnuCash from the debian repository. It is version 2.2.4 and looks really professional. So never mind the kraft, I was just trying to learn something by fiddling with new stuff :)

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