I'm a little neuron, short and stout

There is my axon, here is its route.

What does the teapot hold. Is it a cup of the Mad Hatter's brew. Perhaps Alice Inside (AI) will help me with this one. It does bear more investigation than the operation of a circuit because it occurs naturally in most multicellular organisms. I do wonder if I catch a fish and understand how that brain works in its form, if I can just use it like I would any other biological product. I am certainly allowed to eat the fish. If I can communicate with the fish at the atomic level, perhaps he will tell me why he likes to visit the head waters sometimes in those days of passion. A spider will weave a web and I am sure that it doesn't get the plan from an architect at city hall, or get zoning permits. It seems that it shoots a web. Follows the web if it hits, moves to target point, moves up on the target end, shoots again in the opposite direction, has an X and builds from there. Round and round it goes and where it stops, it only knows, it has a rule and I can see it now. Variations on this theme would be possible and under all that is a method. The method has rules and the rules must have a process to implement that. If I remove some of the elements of that process it should be possible to understand what role is played by each part. Oh the tangled web. I seek the pattern here so I may have the natural method that lets me make every kind of web from my new polymer.

Then I will have a cup of "Teapot Neuron Spider" to go. Alice loves these specialty drinks and will drive all the way across the map of reason to get it. I may just make a cup of Amoeba soup with a hint of "wget" that links to everything to do with webs and sneaky spiders, so she can get the scent for what I want. When you are looking for something new in chaos it is better not to look directly into that which is already known. `Fetch me the ghost in the machine, Alice.`

With the latest methods I think that the Anternet can be 1025 complex in quantum analog which I suppose is the ultimate Floating Point. 3D connectivity and parallelism wins out in any design. If I can ask all the members of the Hatter's tea party to sing if they have a happy tune it is much easier. All the door mice will dance to every tune. The mighty pyramid of Cheops will rule over them all and grant who shall be sacrificed. The mole rats will drag the myelin hearse and all the worms will give their life for the glory of Ra. Oxy and Deoxy will quote the Jabberwock and Alice Invisible in AliceBlue will teach them all. The glial piper will reflect on this and each thing that can be, will be twice backward.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen